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Terms & Conditions

Effective June 6th, 2023
(Supersedes all previous policy statements)

I. Terms
a. Annual Volume Requirements: An account must maintain a minimum volume of $10,000 per year to maintain an account.

II. Freight Policy
a. Qualifications for prepaid shipments: freight charges will be prepaid to points in the contiguous U.S. on all orders where the final invoice meets or exceeds $2,500.00 after any backorders or discounts. ($4,000.00 from an alternate warehouse.)
b. Exceptions to the Freight Prepaid Policy:
c. Growing Mediums (soil, clay pebbles, rockwool, coco, etc.) never qualify for free freight. If the customer purchases Grow Mediums on an order consisting of $2500 of goods that do qualify for free freight, the customer will only be responsible for the shipping price difference caused by adding the Grow Medium to the order. Plastic Pots do not count as a qualifying product from an alternate warehouse.
Flood Trays, Tanks, and Reservoirs are not eligible for free freight unless the order (not including the aforementioned) consists of a net value of $4,000 of other eligible products. Not valid in Oklahoma or East Coast.
d. Rolling Benches never qualify for free shipping.
e. All orders less than $2,500.00 will be shipped via pre-paid freights with the freight charges added to the invoice.
f. International orders that meet or exceed the pre-paid amount will be shipped to the freight forwarder of choice in the contiguous U.S.
g. Specified Carrier: a customer that specifies a certain carrier is responsible for any excess charges over and beyond that which DL Wholesale would have pre-paid using the most economical option.
h. Drop Ship orders will receive a $5.00 handling fee per invoice plus freight charges.

III. Ordering
a. Order processing is done at either our Livermore, CA or Romulus, MI offices so please be sure to include the correct address.
b. To avoid possible errors, please include your full company name, address, ship-to address, purchase order number, and DL Wholesale’s product part numbers with each order.
c. Faxed Orders: our FAX number is: 510-291-8722. (Not responsible for undelivered or incomplete faxes.)
d. Phone orders may be placed by calling 510-550-0018.
e. Emailed orders can be sent to or directly to your sales rep.
f. Order Entry Department hours are as follows. Livonia, MI - 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST/Livermore, CA 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. PST.
g. All orders will be shipped as soon as possible. Most orders will ship same day if received by 12pm. DL Wholesale does not guarantee processing or transit times.

IV. Back Orders
a. DL Wholesale does its best to provide 100% order fulfillment. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of any product.
b. Any product DL Wholesale cannot fulfill on an order will be put on backorder and saved in our system. The customer will be notified once the product is available and before being shipped. DL Wholesale DOES NOT invoice for back ordered items. I.e. Items not shipped.
c. If a back-ordered product causes an order to drop below the requirements for ‘free freight’, the customer will be required to add additional products to the order or pay the freight charges.
d. Backorders part of an order eligible for free freight will not be eligible for free freight unless the backorder products themselves meet the free freight policy or are added to a new order in which the new order meets the free freight requirements.

V. Shortages and Damages
a. Always check the condition and number of cartons against the freight bill/packing slip at the time of delivery.
b. To expedite the processing of claims against the carrier, the customer must note damages and shortages on the delivery receipt at the time of acceptance. Promptly request an inspection by the carrier or claims agent. Notify DL Wholesale Customer Service immediately upon discovery of a discrepancy or damage.
c. All shortages & damages on the shipment must be reported to DL Wholesale within 48 hours (or 2 business days) of receipt of the shipment. When reporting the shortage, be sure to refer to the invoice number, item description, part number, and carton count.
d. DO NOT DEDUCT SHORTAGES FROM INVOICES WHEN MAKING PAYMENT. A credit memo must first be received by the customer before applying it towards a payment. The customer will be responsible for payment of any damages or shortages not reported within 48 hours of receipt of the shipment.

VI. Credits & Deductions
a. No deductions or credits may be taken from the invoiced amount for returned goods or billing errors until DL Wholesale issues a written credit. Unauthorized deductions will be treated as a partial payment of the invoice. This may result in a past due status.
b. Credits are issued within 10 business days from the receipt of returned goods and must not be taken until authorized and a credit memo is issued by DL Wholesale.
c. Credit will be issued only after inspection of returned product.
d. Credit will be issued at the lowest billed net acquisition price for the previous year. If the item does not show as ever being purchased, the customer will receive no credit.
e. DL Wholesale will not issue payment for credits open on an account.
f. Credit will be issued using the same method of payment as the purchase. E.g. CC, Check, Cash.

VII. Warranties, Returns, & Exchanges
a. The warranty period begins from the day the customer buys the product from the retailer. Original sales receipts may be required to validate the warranty.
b. Merchandise returned without a DL provided Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number will be refused and returned to the sender. The RMA will be issued by the Customer Service Department and must appear on the bill of lading or package. RMAs may be initiated using the Product Return Form available at Completed Product Return Forms may be returned via email to ( for MI), or by fax to 510-291-8722.
c. Merchandise to be returned must be received by DL Wholesale within 30 days from the issue of an RMA number. After 30 days, the RMA is void.
d. RMAs are issued for a one-time return; multiple shipments on an RMA are not allowed and will be refused.
e. An account must be current to be eligible for returns.
f. Returned merchandise must be boxed and shipped in a manner so as not to be damaged in transit. Damage to boxes or product due to packaging will result in a re-boxing charge or loss of credit for that product.
g. Authorized returnable DL Wholesale products should be shipped prepaid to DL Wholesale. DL Wholesale does not accept collect shipments for non-warranty returns.
h. Product that is returned and determined to be non-DL Wholesale product will not be credited, nor returned to the point of origin. Parts will be scrapped.
i. Some products have various versions so using part numbers will reduce ordering errors. Please always double-check part numbers, pricing and pictures when placing orders to ensure that the correct products are ordered and received.
j. Any overages of product received but not listed on the RMA will not be credited.
k. When faulty/defective items are encountered, Retailers will be provided with prepaid return labels for these items to be sent back to the returns department for repair or replacement. Repaired items and replacements will be sent to customers on their following orders. Retailers must have $100 (wholesale) or more before a return label is provided.
l. If a product is returned to DL Wholesale as defective but inspection determines it is NOT defective then the customer is responsible for both the prepaid shipping charges accrued to return the non-defective item to DL Wholesale as well as shipping charges to send back the non-defective item to the customer. Credit will not be honored in this instance.
m. Items returned because the customer changed their mind or ordered incorrectly are subject to the customer paying return shipping and a 20% restocking fee.
n. DL Wholesale does not provide stock adjustment returns. E.g. "Dead Stock" or "Stale Inventory".
o. Drop ship products that are DOA will be replaced free of charge and a prepaid return label will be sent to the end customer for the defective product to be returned.
p. HTE (Harvesting, Trimming, Extraction) parts are covered under warranty, not brand new unit exchanges. If any HTE equipment is defective, the customer must follow DL Wholesale RMA procedure to either have the appropriate replacement part/parts shipped back to them for repair or to have the HTE equipment itself sent back to DL Wholesale for repairs onsite.
q. Direct any further questions to our returns department M-F 9:00AM-5:30M PST at 510-550-0018 x 806.

VIII. Damage Liability
a. In no event shall DL Wholesale be liable for any damages arising out of the use, misuse, or inability to use a DL Wholesale product (including, without limitation: consequential damages, incidental damages, or damages for loss of use, loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, loss of time, inconvenience, or other losses). DL Wholesale reserves the right to change the design of its product to better improve them without any obligation to notify our customers.

IX. Prices
a. Prices are subject to change without notice. Mere possession of any price list does not guarantee purchaser the prices or product lines contained therein.