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Stabilizing pH is crucial for happy plants. AEROMIXER makes it easy.

AEROMIXER is a pump made specifically for growers, by growers, with a dual purpose: to mix nutrients and aerate feeding solutions with just one pump. AEROMIXER makes feeding large and smaller gardens a breeze and reduces the need for air stones, air pumps, and pH up and down additives.

Note: AEROMIXER Original is for use in tanks 3ft - 5ft tall. Perfect for mid-size tanks between 50 - 500 gallons.

Say Goodbye to Air Stones!

Traditional air stones require constant replacement, and often leave a mess of wasted nutrients at the bottom of the tank. Aeromixer is compact, mess-free, and distributes all nutrients to your plants.

Stabilize pH Easily!

Aeromixer utilizes Patented Aerojet Technology to inject air into your feed mixture, reducing the need for pH stabilizers and evenly mixing the fertilizers in your tank. This means better nutrient uptake, and happier, healthier plants!

No more wasted nutrients!

Call upon Aeromixer to save the day! Keep your nutrients mixed and SMASH sediment in the face! Don't get caught with a cheap sump pump doing your dirty work... That would be embarrassing...

But in all seriousness...

Aeromixer replaces all your old pumps and airstones in one easy unit. Don't let old school methods keep you from upgrading today! Join the Aeromixer family and we will treat you like family.


  • (1) Aerojet with heavy duty braided nylon air hose
  • (1) AEROMIXER Mini Mixer 3/4 HP pump
  • (1) Powder coated stabilized footing
  • (1) Stainless steel mounting screws
  • (1) Detailed instruction manual
  • (1) Garden hose adapter
  • (1) Universal cut to fit adapter
  • (1) Nylon lowering rope


Motor Power 3/4 Horsepower Motor
Pump Action Patented Aerojet Technology
Max Amps 6.2A
Pump Lift Pumps at up to a 35ft Lift
Nominal Voltage 115V / 60Hz
Output Power 3/4HP
Motor Full Load 6.2A
Protection Type IPX8
Max Height 40ft
Max Submersion Depth 17ft
Max Conveying Amount 4450GPH
Max Fluid Temperature 95F
Nutrient Compatibility For Use w/ Organic Nutrients
Pump Ability Pumps up to 1/4in Solids
Tank Size Compatibility 50 - 500 Gallons
Processing Ability 1/4lbs of Nutrients/Gallon

Product Documents

Product Instructions

Weight (lb):140.000.00-
Width (in):
Height (in):
Length (in):

Can it mix, aerate, and feed at the same time?
Yes! but you need two AEROMIXER's to accomplish this all at once. AEROMIXER is designed to Mix and Aerate your tank, or it can be used as a feed pump when it's not mixing. Most customers purchase two units for this reason.

What's the warranty on AEROMIXER's pumps?
AEROMIXER has a 15 month warranty on all pumps, for details visit our Warranty policy page.

Can I purchase an extended warranty?
You can purchase up 3 years of extended warranties for our pumps for as little as $7/year. Warranties must be purchased within 90 days of original purchase date. To purchase an extended warranty email us at and we will creat a custom order for you.

How does this settle my pH?
When the pH of a solution is acidic, it has free radical H+ ions that want to become neutral. Injecting air also injects other naturally occurring compounds in the air that H+ can grab onto, allowing for a less charged and, therefore, less acidic solution. AEROMIXER works especially well for acidic solutions.

Can I hook up my garden hose?
Yes! AEROMIXER comes with many adapters to connect to your garden hose or other larger hoses if needed.

All AEROMIXER models include:

  • Standard Garden Hose fitting
  • 1" NPT fitting
  • 1" Cut to fit barb fitting

Is assembly required?
Yes, a small amount of assembly is required when you unbox your AEROMIXER before the first use. Instructions vary by model - for directions, please see the instruction manual for the model you own or watch the assembly video here.

Can I run it continuously?
We do not recommend running any AEROMIXER continuously. AEROMIXER should not be run more than 2 hours without a break. We recommend mixing with the use of our Aerobrewer, a timer and power controller that allows you to set on and off times to automate your mixing schedule.

What's the largest or smallest size tank AEROMIXER can mix?
Size Small Pumps: easily mixes tanks from 15-80 gallons. Tanks used with this model should be under 3 ft tall. This is the only AEROMIXER model compatible with soft walled tanks.

Size Regular pumps: easily mixes tanks from 50-1000 gallons and is effective in tanks up to 3,000 gallons. Tanks used with this model should be under 5 ft tall.
Size Tall Pumps: easily mixes tanks from 50-1000 gallons and is effective in tanks up to 3,000 gallons. Tanks used with this model should be OVER 5 ft tall.