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(HPS) Super

Sunmaster's SUPER and SUPER HPS HO lamps are designed to maximize the amount of light energy (micro-moles per second) per watt (energy consumed). In addition, the spectral output of this product family has been enhanced within the core orange/red region of the spectrum to promote flowering.

University and 3rd party tested, these enhanced lamps deliver the highest amount of Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) per watt of any discharge light source. Sunmaster's new SUPER HO 1000W performance has been quantified and compared to the industry’s top brands:

•Photometry – 10% to 20% more µmol between 400nm and 700nm
•Growth chamber testing – 20% more flowers after first four weeks of flowering phase
•Independently field tested – Recommended by commercial growers throughout North America and Europe
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