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Silica Earth

About Silica Earth

In the Spring of 2015 our farm performed better than all years prior due to one change- adding volcanic SILICA minerals to our soil beds.

That year we had NO MITES, NO ROOT-ROT, NO POWDERY MILDEW, NO BUD ROT AND NO BROKEN BRANCHES! We were stunned, and grateful to say the least. This one discovery was a game-changer for our farm and for many others since. "The Missing Element" Who knew that ONE element, when missing, could negatively impact plants on so many levels. We knew we were onto something special. It turns out, these minerals were not only sacred to Native Americans of the region for their healing benefits but that this important element is a powerful foundation for growers success.

The team began distribution to regional growers in 2018 and continues to collect data on the many benefits for vigorous plants and healthy soils.

We now have the privilege to distribute these regenerative products to growers and commercial greenhouses worldwide.

Silica Earth: The Missing Element

1. Silica Earth is the only OMRI and OIM registered dry silica product (45+% SIO2) on the market that is naturally micronized down to 2-4 microns.
2. Silica Earth also includes Calcium, Magnesium and all the required trace elements necessary for healthy plant growth.
3. Silica Earth is the only volcanically derived natural form of Silicon Dioxide available, also containing .45% monosilicic acid.
4. Most other silica products are either potassium silicates or chemically derived liquid form. Monosilicic acid is the only form of SiO2 the plant roots can uptake. Potassium silicate is best used as a foliar and does not replace SiO2.
5. Most new products are liquid, which means you are paying for mostly water! Silica Earth is ideal for soil AND liquid applications, applied early and often for great results.
6. Our new material is completely powdered, water soluble and wettable.
7. We are the first to include mineral solubilizing microbes which break down the (already small) minerals for rapid plant utilization.
8. Developed by Growers for Growers. Described as a 'game-changer' at our farm for solving all kinds of issues including damage from pests and disease.

About Silicon

Silicon is the second-most abundant element in the earth's crust. It bonds readily with oxygen to create some of the most common materials on the planet. However, plants require the extracted form of silicon, namely Mono-silicic acid, or Ortho-silicic acid. Silica Earth Volcanic Minerals has the perfect amount of extractable mono-silicic acid that plants require for optimum health.

What Sets Us Apart

Silica Earth mineral products have five key distinctions that sets us apart from the competition. We value only making products that are of the highest standards in the industry while being beneficial for the environment.

First to Market - Silica Earth Volcanic Silica Minerals addresses what growers have been looking for, a dry micro-mineral as opposed to a liquid product.

Registered Organic - Empower AG has registered Silica Earth Volcanic Minerals with OMRI (Organic Materials Registered Inputs) and California's rigorous certification agency, CDFA.

Bio-Available - Our dry micro-mineral material is soft, does not clump, and is safe for all soil substrates. Bio availability is essential for the plants to uptake minerals. Our Silica particle size is 2-4 microns and many times smaller than other minerals that take many years to become available. For comparison, beach sand is typically 100 microns and talcum powder is 10 microns.

Ecologically Sourced - We source Silica minerals from shallow volcanic deposits that pose minimal harm to the environment in extraction.

Eco-Friendly Packaging - We use high quality post consumer, pre-printed recycled packaging.