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Root Royale Coco Mats

Root Royale Coco Mats are made from all-natural coconut husk fibers from premium-grade coconut husks. Coco Mats are designed to support your roots, maintain optimal moisture levels, and promote efficient drainage for your plants. Coco Mats can easily be cut to size to accommodate the shape and number of rockwool slabs or cubes in your grow. Each mat is constructed with a mix of all-natural coconut husk fibers and bound with a natural, plant-safe adhesive to give them their sturdy structure. Coco Mats have a high water absorption rate which results in optimum growing conditions for your plants. All Coco Mats go through an ageing and wash treatment to reduce EC readings and are free of harmful parasites and diseases. Support your plants and root systems with all-natural Root Royale Coco Mats!
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