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What are NEU Bags? NEU Bags are mesh infusion packs saturated with Fresh Never Frozen terpenes. Once a NEU has been placed into a bag or bin with cured material, the diffusion process gently migrates the oil from the infusion pack to the cured material. Over the course of the first 48 hours, all of the terpenes will have left the infusion pack and become saturated into the cured material. And that’s how you get a NEU Bag.

  • Why NEU Bag? NEU Bag increases terpene content in cured material without any equipment. The process is simple if you can open and close the bag, bin, or container you can have a NEU bag.
  • How to Use. Remove the infusion pack from the mylar bag, place the pack in the middle of the cured material, seal the bag or bin, wait 12 hours and mix, continue mixing and re-centering the bag for at least 48 hours, remove the infusion pack, and you have a NEU Bag. Do not cut open the mesh bag. Do not use the pack if it is leaking solid media. Oil may leak out of the pack before use, this is normal. Use gloves when handling infusion packs.
  • How NEU Bag Works. When a NEU bag is introduced into an environment with cured material, the oil will move from the higher terpene concentration bag into the lower terpene concentration cured material until an equilibrium is reached. The rate by which terpenes infuse into the cured material depends on many environmental conditions. Typically we have seen the oil fully infuse within 48 hours with homogeneity improving with extended infusions.
  • Who is NEU Bag For? NEU Bag can be a reparative solution to increase flavor and aroma in material that has lost its life. NEU Bag can also be used to maintain flavor during long term storage by creating positive pressure on naturally occurring terpenes,  helping to keep them where they are.
  • Who is NEU Bag NOT for? NEU cannot increase potency, adjust moisture, or improve discoloration. NEU is not designed to infuse terpenes into trichomes where they originated from. Cured material will absorb the terpene oil the same way a paper towel would absorb water. This means that the oil can diffuse from the material into the atmosphere if improper conditions are present. NEU cannot overcome poor storage, material handling, or packaging decisions.