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Netafim Multi-Outlet Dripper Assemblies

Multi-Outlet Drippers (MOD) Assemblies deliver superior uniformity and higher plant values. With the growing demands of today’s high production scale operations, hand watering is no longer a viable option. An automated Netafim MOD watering system is the perfect solution. This results from having a highly uniform top-quality crop – which is what to expect when water and fertilizer uniformity are improved. Water on foliage and flowers can spread disease rapidly. By applying water directly to the pot, the rest of the plant remains dry. Additionally, pesticides which are applied to the foliage are not washed off by daily watering. This can reduce the need for spraying – further lowering production costs – and decrease run-off contamination. Payback for a complete system is usually within the first season of operation. The chart to the right shows just how quickly your Netafim MOD system will start paying you back.