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Integra Boost Terpene Essentials

What are Integra Boost Terpene Essentials? Our Boost Terpene Essentials line includes some of the most popular isolates found in the industry. We still use our trusted salt-free, non-toxic, plant-based humidity control formula, but have also added botanically sourced terpenes to the packs, so that you can infuse your herbal product with the distinct aromas and flavors of your favorite terpene. These packs have a dual-purpose: to incorporate flavor/sensory enhancing botanical terpenes into your herbal products and to regulate humidity. Unlike regular, unflavored Integra Boost packs, the Boost Terpene Essentials line will alter the aromas and flavors of your product. These changes are normal and expected - this means your product is absorbing/infusing with the terpene.
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