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Clone Shipper

What Is Clone Shipper?

Designed to support clones or young live plants, the Clone Shipper 3.0 plant packaging holds the plant securely in place during transit. What makes the Clone Shipper 3.0 different from other plant shipping containers? A new LED light that last over 100+ Hrs. keeps the plant thriving and growing throughout shipping process, while other containers ship the plant in the dark. Our packaging solution allows the plant to breathe and continue to grow during shipment.

A Patented Design That Only Gets Better

The patent pending design of the Clone Shipper enables plants, especially clones or young plants, to be shipped safely and all the while nurturing the plant in the growing process. This shipper is built to last for multiple shipments!

New Well Lit Stealth LED

The patented design allows for an LED light to keep the clone in the growing vegetative stage while being shipped. Life span is 100+ hours on our new stealth lights.

Secure Design

The design holds the clone in a secure and strong position, protecting the roots and stem system, so that the plant can continue to flourish. The Clone Shipper is built to last for multiple shipments!

No Mess

The Clone Shipper ensures that there is no leakage, soil displacement, or issues. Upon receiving the clone, it is easily replanted for continuing the healthy growing process.