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LTL CO2 Generator 8 Burner Propane (Low Altitude)

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LTL Controls CO2 Generators are your go to solution for grow room carbon dioxide enrichment. CO2 is scientifically proven to improve the performance of your plants! The LTL Controls CO2 Generators provide a clean and efficient way to enrich your grow area with CO2. LTL Controls CO2 Generators come with everything you need to get your CO2 system started. Each LTL Controls CO2 Generator package includes everything you need to get started all you need to provide is the Natural Gas or Propane fuel source! All LTL Controls CO2 Generators are available in High/Low Altitude and Natural Gas/Propane options.

Low Altitude Elevation Recommendation: 0 - 3500ft
High Altitude Elevation Recommendation: 3500ft +

Includes: CO2 Generator, AC Power Supply, Hanging Chains, Ceiling Hooks, Hose, and Gas Regulator.
Weight (lb):22.000.00-
Width (in):0.0019.700.00-
Height (in):0.0011.600.00-
Length (in):0.0021.100.00-