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Wachsen Rolling Bench Tray Front Section 4ft x 38in (965mm)

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Wachsen Tray Front Section 4ft x 38in (965mm)

Wachsen Commercial Trays Front-Sections for Wachsen Rolling Benches

Great for a wide variety of growing operations, these ABM molded plastic commercial trays allow the grower to customize their growing tables, benches, or trays to accommodate their particular setup. Wachsen’s trays are perfect for ebb and flood type setups.

Each size of the commercial trays offers a front, middle and end section. End sections are manufactured with a gutter drain, which can be set up in varying configurations, so that your plants donot get overwatered. Attach to table or tray frames with silicone and allow to cure for at least a week before using.

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