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DL Wholesale Inc is a rapid growing wholesale distributor of general hydroponic, indoor gardening and horticulture equipment. We have been hard at work developing and bringing to market some of the most reliable, highest quality, and cost effective Brands for the Hydroponics and Horticulture Industry.




GROW1 full-line of products include Lighting, Propagation, Post Harvest, Trimming Equipment and much more for all growing needs.

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Funk Fighter

Our line of Funk Fighter smell-proof bags including gym bags, travel bags and backpacks are perfect for people on the go.

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Bubble Magic

Bubble Magic Rosin Presses and Washing Machines provide premium quality for Post Harvesting.

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AWOL Tactical, Duffle and Diver odor lock bags offer best in class performace.

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Root Radiance

Root Radiance seedling and propagation warming heat mats are highly regarded by indoor and outdoor growers.

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LTL Controls

LTL CO2 Controllers and Generators provide highly advanced, yet easy to use controllers for maintaining temperature, humidity and CO2 within growing areas.

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B.Lite Ballasts

DL Wholesale is proud to bring to market a truly innovative product. Our ballast solutions will conquer any grow room where they are installed. Loaded with the latest and greatest technology for indoor gardening.

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Root Royale Grow Media

DL Wholesale Exclusive Root Royale Signature Series Hydroponic and Horticulture Growing Media for all your growing needs including Coco Mats, Cocobricks, Hydro Clay Pebbles, Cocopure and CocoLite (Coco/Perlite Blend).

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