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DaPlug Sponge 98 Cell Break Away Cubes 10" x 20" (16 pads per case)

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DaPlug Songe 98 Cell Break Away Cubes 10" x 20"
Plug size: 1.57"x1.57"x1.57"
16 Trays Per Case

• All-natural seed starting plugs for soil and hydroponic applications
• Their ability to retain moisture due to their spongy texture means optimal air-to-water ratio with even dry downs for extreme root development ; great for clones and seeds
• Plant directly into soil or hydroponic systems when seedlings or cuts are ready, indoors or outdoors
• Ready to use, but for best results, keep DaPlugs moist, but not soaked and pairs well with a Root Radiance heat mat for excelled growth
• Warm conditions may dry the DaPlugs out at a faster rate. To check moisture levels of DaPlugs, squeeze the DaPlugs.
• Once roots are visible, the DaPlugs can be transplanted. DaPlugs can be transferred to any growing system including hydroponic systems.
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