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Growee Automated Nutrient and Ph Controller

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Growee's smart device monitors the plant's environment and supplies an automated pH balancing and nutrient feeding solution.


Automatically balance the pH level according to the grower’s settings.
Automatically injects nutrients according to the grower’s settings.
Monitors air temperature and humidity in the grow room 24/7.
Monitors water temperature, pH and fertilizer levels in the water tank 24/7.
Easily integrates into any type of grow room.


Monitors the plant's environment live status through an elegant dashboard that displays:
pH level
Nutrients level (EC)
Air and water temperature

Adjust pH & nutrients level from anywhere using wifi.

Track grow history log and identify trends shown in graphs. For example: growers can follow humidity changes throughout the day/night and learn how it’s affecting the PH level.

Measures: L: 13.8 in, W: 9.8 in, H: 3.9 in.

The kit includes:
Growee device (contains 5 pumps - 2 for pH, 3 for nutrients)
Growee’s App access
Heavy duty pH probe
Heavy duty E.C probe
Temperature probe
Compatible power adapter
Power consumption: 24W
Weight (lb):3.300.00-
Width (in):0.009.800.00-
Height (in):0.003.900.00-
Length (in):0.0013.800.00-

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